Jade Flow

Jade Flow is an original lighting collection, a fusion of design, art and organism. Due to phototaxis, the movement toward light, the algae in the water composes different shades of green that resemble the classical texture of jade. With the light on, the image conveys the natural beauty of the life form. Jade Flow presents an oriental aesthetic from life science, merging the behavior of human and the instinct of creatures.

The algae circulates in the water when it moves toward light, which resembles the texture of jade because of its pure green pigmentation. By arranging the embossments that channel the phototaxic movement of the algae, the outlines of the mountain and the waterfall lead the algae to compose Chinese landscape paintings.

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In collaboration with Chia-Yu Lin & National Taiwan University Institute of Fisheries Science, Dr. Hong-Nong Chou Lab.
Year: 2015