Optical Mirage

Optical Mirage was the 2016 Fall/Winter window display design for Taiwanese Brand Level 6ix, including its flagship store and the one at BELLAVITA Luxury mall located in Taipei, Taiwan.

The concept played around with the optics, especially the persistence of vision. By overlapping blue and magenta colors, double-painted cylinders created an effect of illusion. When walking through, brightly colored stripes alternated with each other continuously.

Apart from paper structures, a swing installation with the magnifying lens at the end highlighted the space. Based on the principle of the magnifying effect, the lens would produce an optical changing as the kaleidoscopes while shifting. Entirely made of acrylic, the installation was concealed perfectly, giving out a mirage as if the magnifying lens was floating.

For Level 6ix Select Boutique (Taiwan)
In collaboration with James Teng & Peter Hsieh
Year: 2016