Nature as Metaphor -

Born in 1992, Chialing Chang is a Taiwanese designer based between Taipei, Tokyo, and Switzerland Lausanne. With a formal education in industrial design as the background, her objective is to act as a bridge between material-related studies and objects with pure functional and aesthetic features. Adopting precise design approaches and diverse material types of uses, often her works waver between inflexibility and refinement, clumsiness and tense, sophistication and randomness, trying to draw forth the essence of nature itself and the potential landscapes which come along, thus letting people sense.



AUG 2018 / Taitung Design EXPO, 'FROM NATURE TO NATURE'
SEP 2017 / Taiwan Design Expo - Craft Tainan Pavilion
JUL 2017 / PING PONG - Designers' Exhibition
SEP 2016 / Taiwan Designers' Week - Lo Studio della Pietra
OCT 2015 / Taiwan Designers' Week - Rising Star
MAY 2015 / 34th YODEX Younger Designer's Exhibition


JAN 2018 / Morden Decoration Magazine
APR 2017 / I HOME Magazine
MAR 2017 / Morden Decoration Magazine
MAR 2017 / Interior World Magazine
JAN 2017 / Design Milk
JAN 2017 / POINT

JAN 2017 / Designboom
DEC 2016 / Wood Planet Magazine
SEP 2016 / Prodeez
AUG 2015 / Design

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