Jade Flow

In collaboration with Chia-Yu Lin &
National Taiwan University Institute of Fisheries Science, Dr. Hong-Nong Chou Lab.
Year: 2015

Jade Flow is an original lighting collection, a fusion of design, art, and organism. The idea is to invite creatures of nature to act as co-designers, thus presents an aesthetic from the perspective of life science, merging the behavior of human and natural life forms.

透明璧形燈具中光線流瀉,瑩綠藻類受光源牽引流動,呈現玉質流動的紋理;觀者仿若倚身玉色山水間,凝望煙嵐輕走。Jade Flow 從現代生物學的觀點闡述東方古典美學,在演化萬年後,讓繁茂的人類文明與原始的生物趨性重啟對話。

Focusing on behavioral biology, we make use of the phototaxis of the algae. It occurs when a whole organism moves towards or away from the stimulus of light. Also, with pure green pigments, its flow resembles the texture of jade.


By arranging the embossments that channel the phototaxic movement of the algae, the outlines of the mountain and the waterfall lead the algae to compose Chinese landscape paintings.



Different contours of mountains create a layered-shape background, which leads the algae to crest and forms the image of clouds and mists in the mountains.



Small stone-shaped blocks are placed in the middle of the vessel. The algae get obstructed and guided to both flanks, which mimics the effect of a waterfall.



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