Second Nature

Self-initiated project
Year: 2016
Photographer: Tzu-Chiao Chiu

Second Nature  originates from the thought questioning where rest parts of the wood go during the sawing procedure. Fusing raw characters with sleek wooden structures, irregular waste material from wood industry is converted to a collection of furniture including a three-tier shelf and a stool.

Second Nature 來自對於材料的提問:從原木到鋸切後的規格材,過程中所去除的部分究竟是什麼?將製材廠中所捨棄的邊料於家具中使用,原始樹皮成為人與之接觸時最直接的表面,並藉纖細木作,襯出其粗獷質感。

When a log is processed from its natural state, it is typically cut down to become smaller beams and boards for construction, leaving behind all of the bark and sapwood (the soft outer layers) for waste. 

Utilizing the existing dimensions and in sawing process, handpicked waste wood particles are put together to resemble the contour of the rounded trunk.

在資源取得的前提下,原木在製材廠中被鋸切為大片板材,而兩側帶樹皮的邊料多作為燃料處理。 應用產業的鋸木規格尺寸,透過挑選邊材切面並加以排列,慢慢還原出樹幹的弧度。

While viewing from the side, the preserved natural form in pieces draws an abstraction of a tree.



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