Wood Not Wood

Commissioned by REnato Lab
for Greenocean project
Year: 2016
Photographer: Tzu-Chiao Chiu

Wood Not Wood is a material research project focused on the dropped bark. It develops a technique of softening and standardizing the material according to varying characteristics of different types.

Wood Not Wood 撿拾不同樹種自然掉落的樹皮,並依照個別的材質特性,發展出對應之樹皮軟化、平面化製程,以規格的方式,應用如此自然而不規律的材料。

Final varieties in use are Moluccan Albizia, Eucalyptus and Red Cedar (from left to right). The processed bark is then combined with the plywood to produce new pieces of man-made wood. The result is a range of wood planters made of such artificial material to toe the line between the artifact and nature.

選用麻六甲合歡、細葉鞍與紅香椿 (由左至右) 三種性質各異之樹皮,使其平整化後與夾板再次膠合——原生樹皮回歸表面,也是它最初的位置。一系列木製盆栽,切面紋理如樹木年輪,看似自然,卻是完全的木頭再製品,Wood Not Wood 因此命名。


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